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Throat Cancer

When you will realise that the certain cells are growing out of proportion and in an abnormal manner in your throat which prove to be carcinogenic, it is nothing but throat cancer and this one could be very haunting as it can trouble the organs like the nose and the neck as it is the pipe that follows from the mouth and the nose down the neck. There may be a formation of tumour and this tumour can easily spread to the other tissues and invade other parts as well, provided it is a benign one that does not invade the other tissues! All you have to do is watch your drinking and smoking habits in order to avoid such malignant tumours in the body!


Apart from the possibilities of neck and head cancers arising out of the types of throat cancer it can possibly lead to other different forms of cancereous tumours as well. These are possible in the oral cavity whereby the inner lips, tongue and the mouth floor may be invaded by growth of such cells. Possible is also the Nasopharynx whereby the cancer may spread in the nasal cavities. Oropharynx is when the soft palate in the middle of the throat is attacked. Larynx (Cancer of the vocal folds), Trachea as well as hypopharynx tumours may also be possible as types of throat cancer.


You know it’s time to worry about your blue throat when it comes to realising the symptoms that indicate the cancer of the throat or the related organs! A mass that’s forming up in the neck, pain in the neck or the throat, bleeding from the mouth and congestion feeling, sore tongue and bad breath are also signs of the beginning of this misery. When you sound hoarsely and visualise the enlargement of the lymph nodes on the outside it is an obvious and relevant scenario of throat cancer! People do often experience weight loss, appetite gone small probably due to difficulty in swallowing food.


The most obvious as well as commonly observed causes of such a dramatic and hazardous cancer type can be credited to smoking and drinking. Either of these as well as making conditions worse, both of these in combination can completely ruin the throat of the person by enhancing the growth of malignant tumours therein. The head, the neck as well as the different glands and tissues may be affected due to the spreading of the tumour thereby! Oral cancers may also be caused due to carcinogens like in industries such as nickel refining and cigar smoking. Even the apparently healthy smokeless tobacco cigarettes can put you at enough risks to catch the cancer cells within the throat. Other environmental pollutants and textile fibers can prove to be carcinogenic resulting in the misery which can ultimately be fatal.

Diagnosis / Tests

A needle biopsy is what one undergoes when it comes to the patient presenting himself or herself with the symptoms experienced like that of the cancer of the throat. The needle biopsy shall provide the necessary information for the histopathogy which may be required by the oncologists to detect as well as diagnose in the assured way as to whether the patient is suffering from throat cancer or no. Other visualisation of the tests to find out whether the lump or the cells are carcinogenic or not may decide the presence of the throat cancer or any of its type or none!


With the help of local management and easier and quicker methods to diagnose the cancer, has made it larger for the patients to make out of their lives! Targeted therapy is lots for the rescue! Depending upon the type of the tumour as well as the presence in the particular part – decides the treatment. Most types of neck and head tumours are treated with the help of surgery in order to get rid of any swelled up substances or enlarged cells or pus that may have collected in there in order to cess the growth of the carcinogenic cells. CO2 laser surgery is the effective one as well as the radiation and chemo therapies are very common and need to be utilised as part of the treatment especially in severe cases! Photodynamic therapy and targeted therapy are also showing the great results in performance for clearing off small neck and head tumours at earlier levels.


Regular dental examinations may identify pre-cancerous lesions in the oral cavity. As well as avoiding the cigarettes and also the alcohol could do brilliance if it comes to prevent this life threatening cancer type. Early diagnosis is also very important and may have chances of easy and complete treatment. Vaccinations should be taken up to reduce the relevant risk.

Home remedies

First and foremost it is necessary to quit the cigarettes and the liquor intake. After this, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet along with a lot of water and fibre intake teamed with acupuncture can do a lot for the cancer prevention and help. Massage therapy and acupuncture can help relieve and alleviate pain in the glands or the throat / neck/ head where the cells are growing and are painful. Swelling and pain can be relieved by elm powder mixed in filtered water. Meditating can provide mental and physical peace while. Maritime pine extract as well as graviola fruit made into capsule supplements can help the patients who have been diagnosed with cancer! Budwig diet having a large portion of amino acids as well as healthy omega 3 fatty acids should be followed to help the treatment of the throat or related gland cancer!

Warnings / Precautions

If you want to take precautions, protecting against throat cancer involves the same kinds of measures you’d use to prevent other cancers and health problems. Smoking or chewing tobacco is the biggest risk factor for throat cancer, so it’s important to avoid smoking or quit if you already do. Drinking a lot of alcohol regularly is another big factor.

Some other risk factors include poor dental hygiene, the genital HPV virus (transmitted by oral sex, seriously, so use protection!), and exposure to asbestos. So if protecting against throat cancer is a concern for you, avoid those risks. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables helps too.

Questions to ask your doctor

It is necessary to assure yourself by interrogating the doctor about the treatment options that are open for you to get rid of the cancer. Whether you shall be cleared off completely or it may require a prolonged treatment are relevant questions. The duration of hospitalization, being on medication as well as the side effects of the medicine are the questions one needs answers to. The complications to watch for and risks associated should be encountered too. Post the treatment, the requirement of the check-ups as well as the routine help and the precautions to be taken up for no relapse to occur are as important to be answered by the doctor!

Special note

It is really required to be watchful of the symptoms of this type of cancer as it may be diagnosed at advanced stages just as in the case of 70 percent of the people and thus the treatment may be more rigorous and unreliable! It is the type of cancer that can lead to more types of cancers that can be more deadly when it comes to their treatment and one of the types is the squamous one which affects 90 percent of such patients. The ratio of the cancer affecting men and women is 2:1, while 6 males to one female was the earlier ratio.