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Tricks and Tips to Deal with Mal Nutrition in Children

Despite the booming economy, mal-nutrition in children is a growing form of concern globally. Even the developed country is affected by this disorder.  It has also become a serious issue these days and the prime reason for the cause of the death of millions of people in many underdeveloped countries.

We all go through pangs of hunger and it is our body’s way of signaling we need to eat something. When we eat the required food, we are able to easily quench the hunger instinct from ourselves. This is not the case in the under developed countries. Yes, the number of children dyeing each day due to hunger or other related causes of the dreadful malnutrition around the whole world is huge. This has become a serious issue so much to the extent that WHO [World Health Organization] has found several feeding centers in the war hit countries/famine struck places helping plenty of poor people with food, clothing, medicine as well as health care.

The treatment for malnutrition in every child differs widely based upon the degree of malnutrition. The affected child is immensely prone to digestive incapabilities and the child is also subjective of emotional stress. Care and love is vital along with the supply of energy rich powdered diets to the child.

How to deal with severe mal-nutrition

  • In case of severely malnutrition children, the increased intake of liquid as well as solid foods rich in protein and carbohydrates is a must.
  • In case of moderate malnutrition in children, the amount of food given to the child in the regular time intervals would be suggested by the physician.
  • Glutamine and whey protein powders should be given to the under nourished child and it is a sure sign that child would be also prone to dehydration.

A dehydrated child would need to take in required amounts of water to confront itself from the dehydrated state of body. Many public health specialists have paved a major role in raising the required funds to buy foods/supply foods to the under developed countries. Chronic affliction to undernourished state of body can have its own psychological impact upon the body. This must be also treated by giving them the stress relieving pills and also their bodies would have become lactose intolerance. The required intolerance should also be treated and then only the diet should have its impact upon the person. In some children the nasogastric tubes are used to pour in fluids rich in vitamins. Small amounts of energy fluids should be given to such an affected child at regular intervals. Slowly new foods can be added along with the new ones.

This kind of addiction might not be well tolerated in all these children. It has been reported that while treating such children they have widely exhibited vomiting as well as refusals to take in foods. Severe conditions can lead to the blank food diet. So when such blank tasted food is given to children the thin walled intestines would able to digest such food very well. It must be noted that malnutrition is not just the lack of nutrients in a child but it also means that the patient is suffering from various other hidden diseases such as anemia, diahorrea and Kwashiorkor diseases. As per the latest UNICEF reports, every 6 seconds a child dies due to malnutrition. Especially we as human beings owe the due concern to take care of the under privileged children who are affected by malnutrition. One must be mindful with the Mal nutrition in children and it can hinder their mental as well as physical growth.