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Two Methods to Treat Dry Cough

Dry cough is an irritating problem which actually affects the quality of life of an individual suffering from it. It leads to sore throat, pain in throat and is a consistent nagging and irritating feeling inside the throat which cannot be controlled. Some people suffer from this condition for very long time. There are two ways to treat dry cough.

  1. Usage of over the counter drugs, but they usually put the patient to sleep and
  2. Natural therapy, it is easy, effective and it saves money and has no side effects.

Let’s take a look at both these methods and find out which on suits you the best. These methods should be used depending on the severity of cough.

Over the Counter Drugs: Alternatives:

The over the counter medications are those medications which are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. These kind of medicines are available in the form of hard pills, tablets, cough syrups or even oral suspension.

There are some natural remedies also available. These remedies can be prepared in a house with the help of some household products. These products are usually found in your house and can be used in the form of alternative medications. It is better to consume these medicines as they do not have any side effects.

Over the Counter Medicines:

The over the counter drugs are easily available at any local pharmacy and these medicines are considered to be good enough to treat dry cough:


  • Expectorant drugs: The persistent type of dry cough is very irritating and the person suffering from it has issues releasing the phlegm and mucus from their respiratory systems. These expectorant drugs are easy as they can be used to eliminate mucus from the body by making it thinner and smoother.
  • Antitussives: Antitussives are not very different from the expectorant drugs but they consist of fewer sedatives as compared to expectorants. This medication actually helps the patient to manipulate the brain so that the coughing response can be changed. This technique actually helps the mucus to move quickly. Antitussives should be consumed as recommended by the pharmacist or a physician as too much usage may lead to dependence. These medicines also have some side effects which can lead to breathing problems. Tiredness, stomach upset.

The Natural Method: The natural therapy is much better incurring dry cough as it the ingredients used in the method are absolutely natural and they do not have an side effects.

Ginger Root: Ginger root has been used since ages to treat dry cough, as they are useful in killing the bacteria that causes dry cough. If you wish to have this herb then it should be consumed uncooked it can be consumed by boiling it in water and having it in the form of tea.

Honey: There are various benefits of honey and treating dry cough is just one of them. If you have too much coughing at night it is advised to have warm milk with honey prior to going to bed. This mixture of milk and honey helps to prevent dry cough and gives immense relief when sleeping at night.