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Understand The Obscurity of Peyronie’s Disease in Men!

Peyronie’s disease is an annoying chaos of penile which is characterized by either; painful bending of penile or tendering lump in the penile. It may causes difficulty in having sexual intercourse and also complications in curving of penile.

This doesn’t mean that all the symptoms are present at the very same time. At the initial stage, you may feel the lump- a fibrous scar tissue, in the streak of penile.  Later on, men may notice bend in the penile after it gets erect.  However, this condition can be largely seen among the males between the age group on 40 to 60.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease:-

  • A lump forms on the shaft of the penile which takes a year or more than it for its development. Palpation method is used to feel the lump on the penile.
  • Throbbing pain in the shaft when the penile is erect or at the time of orgasm. When the condition becomes severe, pain may be observed even after a slight touch.
  • In this condition, patient may be incapable to achieve or maintain erections, showing a sign of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Significant bending of penile at the time of erection which may not allow you to have a sexual intercourse.
  • Deformity of erection and shortening size of penile.
  • Complications in vaginal penetration.

However, the cause of Peyronie’s illness still remains uncertain. But, the experts consider that there are quite a lot of factors that are responsible for this frustrating condition. lets elaborate it more and learn some aspects that triggers in men.

Below given factors are responsible for Peyronie’s disease:-

  • Genetic predisposition or hereditary conditions can cause Peyronie’s disease in men.
  • Surgeries and injuries are the foremost reason behind the complication of Peyronie’s disease. Not only this, forceful bending of erect penile at the time of vigorous intercourse, medical cystoscopy, fracture of penile or trauma during catheterization are some of the injuries that can hit this condition in men.
  • Deficiency of vitamin E, though this can be found in very case, but still can be related with the causes of Peyronie’s disease.
  • Peyronie’s disease may also be associated with age as the tissue is prone to get injured easily without curing properly.


In general, peyronie’s ailment is a self limiting illness. The soreness may cave in as the time passes. The development of scar tissue retreat and the bending of penile also stop after certain span of time. However, most suffers can still perform sexual act.