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Understanding your child in a better way

We all are aware as a parent that as our child grows s/he goes through various changes. Sometimes, just a minute change in climate affects their health and sometimes they don’t catch cold even after getting wet in the rains. We know that their immune is growing and is improving with time so these things are common at their age. Even, we have also crossed their age.

In this process, what we neglect is the fact that these cold and cough can also be the symptoms of an emerging allergy. And if you neglect these sign and symptoms now, it could trouble your child for the rest of the life. These allergies can be temporary or can be for the lifetime. We need to understand the symptoms first so that we can deal with them within the span of time.

Allergies are the result of an uncomfortable environment. It can be due to dust, flower, sun or anything around. The first thing you should do is to notice if your child has a running nose or burning eye. Our interpretation of the running nose is the climate change but when your child is having it just because s/he was out or s/he was present at room where you were doing dusting, then your child might be allergic to dust.

If these symptoms are not taken care at an early stage then these may lead to problems like headache, disturbed sleep and sore throat. We confuse these symptoms with sinus as for us allergy can’t have such a bad affect on anyone’s health. But as a matter fact, it does; only if not taken care at an early age. To make things worse, these allergies can cause dark circle around the eyes of your kid. If your child is having asthma, then the symptoms can be much worse like breathing problem and sneezing.

As a parent, it might be difficult to figure out whether your child is suffering from normal cold or it is a sign of allergy. The best way is to observe the pattern. Observe closely the reason behind the running nose. Is it the change in climate or is it the dust? Pay attention to all these small things and you would be able to figure out if s/he is suffering from allergy or not. All you have to do is to pay proper attention.