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Unintended Consequences of Crash Dieting

Crash dieting or unhealthy diet can give rise to unhealthy and undesirable consequences.  Going on enormously low-calorie foodstuffs that is devoid of essential nutrients can not only harm your efforts of dieting for long span of time but it will also give rise to unexpected health complications as well.  There is various health complications linked with unintended and crash dieting, some are listed below:-

  • Binge eating:

Crash diet may lead to the feeling of deficiency and deprivation as well. If the calories are cut excessively from your body, stay back from all those food which you loved the most and eat very little that brings required nutrition, then the result is often a desire to frame up everything that you’re missing.

Binge eating involves the effect of going long term without the vital calories If you over and over again skip meals when you are on the diet, it is possible to feel depressed and eat food with high calories late then at night due to intense hunger.

  • Muscle Loss

Dieting practices that are unhealthy may fail to put in enough amounts of proteins and may further give rise to unnecessary muscle loss. Protein is very important for repairing as well as for building up tissues and whilst to carry out other body process. If you avoid consuming protein in your food then your body may intake the mass of its own muscles.

  • Nausea and Fatigue

Certain crash diet and unhealthy foods involve extreme reduction of calories. Fasting and consuming simply juice for a complete week without letting the solid foods getting into the body may lead to headaches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea etc.

  • Ultimately causes Weight Gain

The challenging thing about this unhealthy diet is that you cannot continue the same diet for long time. You can survive with the low calorie diet for a short while but after a certain span you will have to start again with your normal diet. Instead of having foods that contain lots of calories on regular basis, try to shell most of them out each day. If you have energy it will make your active at work and whilst exercising on the same hand will assist in burning surplus calories.

  • Crash diet may be challenging for Mental Health

Unhealthy or crash dieting can even be challenging on your health. Many people feel irritable and grumpy when they are hungry. No having enough energy to work, or to carry out day to day chores, nauseous and feeling dizziness can all combine to put on some crash dieters the feeling of depression and even deep sadness.

Establishing health patterns of diet and regular exercise will not only help in losing weight but will also keep you fit and energetic.