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Vegan Diet Is The Key For Your Hair Loss

Protein, magnesium, zinc and all other essential fatty acids certainly play a key role in managing your hair health. These are all the essential key elements which on the other hand offer the body as well as scalp the needed vital factors in order to directly have its effect on the quality of your overall hair. These vital nutrients are rich in source of meat and milk and milk products and this is the reason for why it might perhaps not be apparent on what vegetarian foods to have but you are not the only one who has this dilemma. Listed below are a few options which could be of big help to you in the future ahead.

Vegetables and Fruits

The National Center of Food And Nutrition suggests eating at least 50 mcg of biotin on a daily basis. Well you can very easily find the richest sources of biotins in tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and avocado. All you need to do is boil them for around three to five minutes in order to do away with the higher amounts of oxylic acid that is present in it. Do not worry about these vegetables losing its essential nutrients as the boiling process will not be affected by heat. Vegetables that have fewer good sources of biotin include onions or red onions, cauliflower and cucumber.

Who does not like relishing sweet strawberries every day? Well then this could be the right time for you to indulge in them as they contain biotin which is meant to be good for the growth of hair and cut down hair loss. Not all the vegetables contain protein content this is why an assortment with legumes, nuts and seeds carries the biggest amount of biotin.


Baked beans are rich in zinc so just ensure that it’s uncooked and do not contain any pork pieces. Soybeans are always considered to be one of the best food products that is rich in zinc including chickpeas and lentils as they all offer a high amount of protein that comes around to 20 g per cup.


Cooked or prepared cereals can contain a big quantity of zinc as well. The suggested everyday consumption of zinc is 10 g for men whereas for women its 8 g. Whole wheat or brown bread is the other good sources of biotin. When it comes to overall hair loss solution oats are something which cannot be left behind.   You can have them in various ways such as boiling it with milk or making a pudding.


The other rich sources of zinc which is considered to keep your hair healthy and prevent loss are sesame, roasted cashews and pumpkin seeds. Flax-seed too is very effective for hair loss. Omega 3 oils too can reduce hair loss completely as most of the vegetable oil is highly associated with this important source.