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Vitamin B Complex a Complex Supplement

The importance of vitamin B complex is well known, but the point of discussion is, are we getting a sufficient amount from the food that we eat. The B vitamins are present in various forms of food and are present in low concentrations; hence we miss out on the required amount required by the body by just depending on food as a source for the consumption of B vitamin.

As per the research conducted by the scientists it is to be believed that vitamin B complex is considered to be a group of separate entities which was earlier believed to be one single compound in the 20th century, it was referred as the same way as vitamin A, C and D.

It is was found to be an important discovering as finding more than one chemical compound in vitamin B. Now it is possible to treat disorders and diseases related to deficiency of vitamin B complex and now be simply treated without the danger of any side effects which may lead to the higher dosage if vitamin B. The supplements designed for vitamin B are measured in proper composition and hence food intake should not be concentrated in satisfying the need of this vitamin.

B-Complex Supplementation – Benefits

As human we all have different food needs which depends on the race that we belong to, the kind of work that we do and the place where we live. There is a definite chance that we do not meet recommended dosage of vitamin B complex only through food intake as to whatever diet you may follow and these vitamins also do not exist in the high level of unprocessed food and there is no chance that they may exist in frozen, canned or processed foods and even if we consume natural food products still the required amount is not satisfied. For e.g. egg yolk is considered to be rich in B complex but when eaten with egg whites it reduces the effects of biotin which is present in the yolk.

Beer is a well known source of vitamin B complex due to the yeast that is used in its production, but with the addition ethanol the possibility of B complex is inhibited. The best to consume B complex is by supplementation as they contain he correct quantity and will help you lead a healthy life.