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Warning Signs Of Arthritis In Neck

Arthritis that occurs in the neck area which in medical term is called as cervical spine can be a bit troublesome and can have its effect on the ability to work, drive and make movements. There are several terms to describe arthritis as well. Few people ignore this pain which later becomes a big problem.


Arthritis in this area can highly be a severe pain the neck. The spinal column is created of a lot of segments which is identified as vertebrae that is joined to each other with the help of tiny joints called as facet joints. As one twist and tries to make the neck straight, these joints move one on the top of the other.  As any other joint, these facet ones can turn out to be swollen, rough and arthritic. Their exteriors are made up of the similar subtle cartilage which the hip and knees are and are in the equal manner subjected to the strictness of life and other activity.

The moment when the surface joint turns arthritic, the raw bone becomes exposed which further causes too much pain even with the smallest amount of movement.

Muscle Spasms in other areas

When the condition of arthritis in the neck area builds up, the bone urges which usually form starts to intrude on top of the nerves which exit the cervical spinal column at numerous levels to serve the upper part of the body. A lot of these nerves repair the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper arms. This is something rarely found with people who suffer from arthritis and complain a lot about muscle contraction in areas like neck and shoulder which can be due to pinching or irritation. Pinching frequently can turn this condition a lot worse and as a result make the nerves more inflamed.


The joint becomes inflexible if they cannot move. Movements such as twisting the head from side to side can turn out to be very tough. This can in return have an adverse effect on other things like driving which requires flexibility of neck while changing lanes.