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Warning Signs Of Colon Cancer In Males Shouldn’t Be Overlooked!

The warning signs of colon cancer are similar to those seen in women; however the only difference is that men have to experience higher occurrence of colon cancer as compared to women. In the complete article, you can come across some symptoms of colon cancer that triggers men.

The common symptom that men face during colon cancer is that of constipation.  Constipation is being a common problem that most of them experience thus you should never jump into the conclusion that you are suffering from colon cancer solely basing on this symptom.  Yet, it the initiating sign of colon cancer in both the genders. This symptom can be noticed when the tumor starts growing and this complicates the movement of bile causing it to confine making it even more problematic to have proper excrements.

Excluding this symptom, there are many other signs of colon cancer that men experience. This symptom includes the stomach pains, vomiting hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding due to forcing yourself while excreting, unexplained or sudden weight loss, nausea and thinning of the stool.

The presence of tumor in the colon however creates a blockage which makes it difficult for other stuffs to travel through intestines. This obstruction of colon narrows the discharge of stool.  Due to the small space in the passage of stool, a person may feel incompleteness or discomfort while defecating.

Rectal bleeding is an extremely severe problem that must not be overlooked. Narrowing of stool or constipation can make the movements forceful which ultimately tears off the rectal wall and causes blood in stool.  Furthermore, if the rectal bleeding is because of colon cancer then it has to be treated immediately from your general practitioner.

Other symptoms associated with the tumor of colon cancer are cramps in stomach, vomiting and nausea.  Tumor in this state acts as a barrier that block the passage of gas causing spasms and terrifying pain. Apart from this, sufferer may even experience sudden and unexplainable loss in weight.  this might be due to the tumor that absorbs the essential nutrients from the body and causes weight loss and other complications too.