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Ways To Adieu Hyper-Pigmentation Of Skin

Is your natural beauty obscured by irregular, dark skin patches?  Having extreme fun out in the sun can overcome the tag of being sport but then at the same time it can leave your skin with redundant dark spots and blemishes as well.

Hyper-pigmentation is the common fallouts of over exposure to sun.  This concerning problem of skin can be noticed when too much melanin pools up in certain parts of your skin. This results in unpleasant dark skin patches and pigmentation.  However, it’s not only the rays of sun that wreaks chaos on the skin. Anything from inflammation to pregnancy or to hormonal changes and even some medications and illnesses can lead to melanocytes stimulating discoloration of the skin.

Cosmetic surgeries and topical creams can aid in battling this infuriating skin woe. However, using ordinary kitchen stuffs can also help out in eradicating hyper-pigmentation. Trail down for the best treats to deal with nasty and dark patches.

Potato Juice:

Potato juice works as a natural skin tonner. Just peel of the potato layer and slice it, squeeze the juice on the affected dark area.  You will notice a great difference in just few weeks.

Lemon Juice

Although hyper pigmentation is not harmful in nature, but it can be a huge cosmetic trouble that needs perfect treat. Lemon juice is one of the best tried and tested cures to lighten pigmentation.  As lemons have elevated antioxidant properties, it helps in lightening the skin tone.

Avocado Juice

Another best natural treat that works wonders in curing the hyper pigmented skin is the Avocado Juice. As this fruit is very rich in source of vitamin E, it can be used safely in treating pigmented skin.  To begin with the treatment, all you need to do is allow the fruit to ripe completely. Later, peel it off and mash it for fine paste. Similarly, you can also squeeze it for removing the juice. Applying paste or juice of Avocado can lighten the skin.

Onion Juice

Despite of the fact that onion smells pungent but it can be a highly effective for treating pigmented skin.   For this, simply chop the onions and blend it to fine paste. Once done, remove the juice from the paste by using muslin cloth.  Add some apple cider vinegar to this mixture and apply it directly on the affected portion. Wash them off after 25 minutes. For best results, apply this juice regularly on the pigmented skin.

Apart from this, laser treatment is the most preferred option used to exfoliate the pigmented cells and also brightens your skin.