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Ways to Avert Hair Loss occurred because of Gastric Bypass

Prior to the surgery of Gastric bypass several people consume the foodstuffs that are high in the calories but after the surgery the intake of such foods are drastically reduced for about 90%.  After this, your body will work for the support of the crucial organs, neglecting your hair and at the end causing hair loss. So as to avoid this from happening, you need to be acquainted with ways to nourish your scalp as well as your hair so that it stimulates the growth of new hair or the hair loss gets stopped.

Below given are some effectual remedies that will help you out in reducing the hair loss that have been caused due to Gastric bypass.  But before getting into any remedies or medication, you need to consult your doctor who have studied your surgery as there might be some foodstuffs that will affect your adversely.

Consume nutritional food as it helps in restoring the level of nutrition in the body thereby stopping the hair fall. This can be done by taking vitamins and supplements. But seek the consultation of your doctor before consuming any such supplements. There are bounties of vitamin supplements that are intended specially for hair loss. Look for supplements that include such vitamins as magnesium, zinc, boron, betaine, horsetail extract and calcium. It can also be useful to taking such supplements former to your operation to help averting hair loss after Gastric bypass.

Massaging the scalp is also one of eh effectual way to treat the Gastric bypass. With the two hair massaging ways techniques you can help hair loss. When you rub down the scalp, it helps more efficient flow of blood, which permits it to get much desired nutrients to hair roots. The second way of massaging scalp massages is to loosen the muscles in and around your scalp. If they are firm and frazzled, they will not work as powerfully as they should. Thus you need to massage the scalp properly so as to initiate the proper flow of blood.

Hair bands, hats and ponytail holders should be strictly avoided as this heaves the follicles resulting in hair fall and hair breakage.