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Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Decrease memory loss and improve brain functions by following these easy tips:


1. Include fish in your menu, once a week

Studies have shown that having fish, once a week can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 %.  Cold water fishes such as salmon, tuna and cod are rich in DHA, a form of Omega3 fatty acid that is needed to keep the brain functions sharp.

2. Keep yourself mentally stimulated

One of the most important facts that we tend to ignore in the process of keeping ones brain healthy is mental stimulation. Most of us get habituated to a single practice and similar behavior patterns. However, if we mentally challenge ourselves regularly, we have more chances of having a healthy brain and also decrease the risk of age-related memory loss. Try playing games like Sudoku and Mah Jonng as a form of brain exercise.

3. Meet your family more often

Experts state that people who are more involved socially with their family and friends increase their cognitive reserve – a collection of brain function that the body tends to depend on when the other areas of the brain begin to decline. Regular socializing can also help your brain stay sharp by reducing cortisol, the stress hormone.

4. Exercise more often to keep your brain healthy

Working out, especially cardiovascular exercises increase the blood supply to the brain. This in turn fuels the brain supplying nutrients such as glucose, increasing brain functioning. Daily workouts have long term benefits, helping to improve cognitive functions and decrease the risk of stroke.

5. Stick to your best memories

Studies have shown that people who hold on to their happy memories have healthier brains. This is because; such people suffer from less stress on their brains. As per studies, people with positive emotions have less chances of developing mild cognitive impairment. People with less brain stress perform better at memory tests. Some experts recommend that people should try to relive their happy memory, including the sights, smells and feel of the place. These people get a memory boost within minutes.

6. Its ok to forget, once in while

There are certain things that you can afford to forget. It is alright to miss out on certain things, especially if the data is useless. A lot of info that we do across on an everyday basis is worth forgetting. An efficient brain will discard off the unwanted memories and keep only things that are relevant.