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Ways To Tackle the Infuriating Corns On Finger

Working too hard or by repetitive activities such as typing, playing guitar or working on equipments and tools can trigger corns of finger.  Corns are formed due to the thickening of skin because of too much pressure or repetitive work on a particular portion of the skin.  Usually corn can be seen on the soles of feet or on palms and fingertips. They are cone and round shaped skin projections which can be extremely throbbing.

There are various over the counter medical tricks to remove this infuriating skin trouble. However, by showing bit of patients you can get free from corn and have smooth fingers and palm.

Alternatively, you can also use callous pads in case if you are allergenic to gloves or it gloves are not available.

Home Ways To Remove Corns From Fingers:-

  • The papaya juice seems to be an effective solution to cure corns no matter where it pops up. The juice of papaya causes irritation to the hardened corn which ultimately starts clearing step by step. Within few days you would see positive results.
  • Extract fresh juice from two lemons. Apply this juice three times a day on the palm or finger corn. The dissolving aspects of lemon juice will assist to eradicate and reduce corns from root.
  • The milk juice extracted from green figs when gently applied on the hard corns will eventually soften the surface of corn. Apply it three times a day.
  • Gently rubbing the pumice stone on palm and finger corn for some days can aid in softening it. With regular and constant exfoliation, the corn will disappear with time.
  •  Another effective way to get rid of corn on the fingers is Indian quill. It is botanically stated as Urginea indica.   Roast the rounded portion of the herb and gently apply over the finger or palm corn. Tie a cloth or bandage over the bulb so that the bulbous remains securely throughout.
  • Liquorices are another essential herb helpful for curing the tenderness of corn on palm and finger.  Take three to four sticks of liquorices and blend them finely into a paste. Mix this powder with sesame oil or mustard oil and rub it gently on the corns. Apply this paste during night and wash out next morning.
  • Also, go for the foods that are rich minerals and vitamins. In the research it was seen that corns on feet and hands are commonly \found in people having low level of vitamins especially vitamin B.