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Weight Loss Myths Busted

When an individual decides to shun weight, he/she begins to perform various physical activities to attain quick results. This hustle forces the person to try various stuffs. In fact, an individual if follows improper weight loss advice is highly prone to hazardous consequences. Thus, it is wise to know as what is wrong and right prior to engaging yourself in any weight loss endeavors.

Facts and Myths:

  • Myth: Consistent exercising and eating will always thwart weight gain
  • Fact: Note that consistency is not the solution to lose weight. As an individual grows older, his/her metabolic ability reduces. Metabolic changes are expected after a person reaches 40. Thus, an individual might have to increase exercising and reduce eating for complementing the bodily changes. In fact, consistent exercising will not assist to lose weight in long run.
  • Myth: We should keep away from fast food completely
  • Fact: It is obvious that you must stay away from potato wedges, fries, cheeseburgers, etc, but you do not have to completely disregard these. Instead, make a wise choices of fast foods and keep a track of calories that you intake.
  • Myth: Snacking is not good for losing weight
  • Fact: Snacking is bad if you are having cookies, candies and wafers all the time instead of fresh vegetables and fruits. Snacking undoubtedly assists to help you consume less by preventing excessive eating. In fact, it is good to five meals daily rather than having three heavy meals. Refraining completely from snacking might lead to excess consumption of calories, which might disturb your weight loss regime.
  • Myth: Carbohydrates must be avoided
  • Fact: Do not avoid foods with carbs completely. In fact, processed carbs have high content of sugar and white flour that you should not avoid. Nevertheless, you may even include beans, brown rice, whole grain, etc. in your diet.
  • Myth: Skipping your meals will help to lose weight
  • Fact: Our body requires some nutrients on a daily basis for healthy functioning and skipping your meals will lead to deficiency of these vital nutrients in your body. This will have negative effects on your body rather than helping to lose weight. Besides, it will make you eat more than usual and you will end up gaining additional calories instead of losing.
  • Myth: You will gain weight if you eat food after 8 in the night
  • Fact: The time you eat has nothing to do with weight gain. What matters is the number of calories that you intake all through the day and the amount of exercises you perform.
  • Myth: Some foods aid in losing weight
  • Fact: People often have a misconception that foods such as grapefruit and celery help to lose weight. Though it is true that certain foods help to improve your metabolism, but they do not account completely to help you lose weight.

Many individuals tend to opt for weight loss regimes that claim to assist lose weight in a quick time. If you intend to follow such a program, then it is imperative to first get an insight about the myths related to such programs.