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What are the causes of Sexual headaches for men?

In some of the cases, one among the couple, generally men may notice acute or severe headache or neck ache as the excitement during the course increases.  At times, it is seen that when a man is about to reach the orgasm, he experiences more severe and sudden headache. This might be normal in some and nothing to be much worried about. But it can also be the warning sign for something serious relating with blood vessels connected to brain.

The Sex headaches can trigger more when any sort of sexual activities like masturbation, intercourse or oral sexual act that leads to orgasm.  There are some of the symptoms of Sex headaches which are assorted according to their types.

Typically, there are two sorts of Sex headache:-

  • One is when a person is unaware of the warnings of Sex headaches that occur instantly within few seconds of orgasm. This can be stabbing.

The other Sex headache can show the following symptoms:

  • Often begins as a slight ache on both the sides of head
  • May cause tapering of the neckline and jawbone muscles
  • Puts up gradually over a issue of minutes before an orgasm
  • Exaggerates as sexual pleasure increases

For the most part sex headaches might end up for about 30 minutes. Others may hang back for a few more hours. Several people who have sex headaches will practice them in clusters enduring a few months and for life span too.

What are the causes of Sex headaches?

The contraction of neck and head muscles throughout the sexual activity may lead to the sort of Sex headaches that remains for enduring time.

Other sex headaches types that occur suddenly at climax may be caused by:

  • An active response towards increased or augmented blood pressure or high rate heartbeats during orgasm.
  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage is the other main cause, where a man starts bleeding around his brain.

Other causes related with Sex headaches can be Coronary artery disease, Stroke, Sinus infection, Glaucoma, consuming pills etc. it is advisable to seek doctors help at the earliest so as to get a better and effective treatment at the earliest.