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What are the reasons behind rising allergic reaction?

These days if you find more people sneezing and coughing than doesn’t be surprised, this could be the sign of allergy. This is true that the allergy is rising in various countries and especially in developed nations.

An allergy is a reaction of your immune system to certain substance which doesn’t bother other people. When a person is sensitive to more than one substance, then he/she is said to be allergic. According to scientists, environment and gene can be the reason behind allergy. It happens as our immune system, which is meant to fight out the foreign element, give away the false alarm during allergy. This false alarm can cause running nose, itching, sneezing, rashes, asthma and swelling.

Now, according to the report of the National Institute of Health, the number of people having allergy to at least one substance has increased up to five times from the year 1976-80 to 1988-90. As a result of this, you’ll find more Americas sneezing and rubbing their eyes.

The reason behind the rise in allergy is not only the gene but also the environment. In developed nations, children are not exposed to dust and other infectious bacteria. Due to this, their immune system is not planned to face such substance. But when, they are exposed to it through various fast foods, they tend to get the allergy. This could be the reason why maximum number of children suffer peanut allergy.

It was clear from the recent report that global warming could be one of the reasons to raise the allergy among the population. This is as the global warming is shifting the climate a bit. Due to this shift in climate, spring is much earlier these days as compared to 20 years back. As spring is the season of flowering the plants, the total amount of pollen has increased. But, with this, the population sensitivity to pollen has also increased. This way the allergy is increasing.

In developed nations, the smog and pollution can be the reason behind increasing patient of asthma. Although, the rising number of the patient is unknown, but this doesn’t stop to come to conclusion that the number of asthmatic is increasing in the world, especially developed nations.

There could be another reason on why do we see the rising number of allergic people. Over the period of time, the diagnosis process has increased and this could mean that the people are being diagnosed with it easily. More diagnosis means an increase in numbers of people suffering allergic.

Even though, researchers are bringing out various speculations but the real reason behind the rising number is not known. It could be anything. All one can do is get oneself checked and take proper care from allergy. If not taken care, it could lead to various complications.