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What could be the possible reasons for premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation as the name suggests that men ejaculate just after penetrating or even before the commencement of the sexual activity. Only a little sexual simulation makes the man ejaculate early. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common types of sexual dysfunction experienced by men. Though one could experience it occasionally during his life but there are about 20 to 30% men who suffer from persistent premature ejaculation issue.

Those men who suffer from prolonged premature ejaculation often experience emotional instability. Most of the time they feel they are inferior to others; they are distressed and show a lack of control over normal situations also. Let us peep into the various reasons which could be the cause for premature ejaculation. We could categorize them into psychological and biological categories. Let us begin with the psychological reasons:

  • Early sexual appearance: when as an adult you are indulging in the sexual activity for the first time or when you have a fear of being caught. So you start to perform it quickly and it slowly becomes a pattern without you being aware.
  • Anxiety: the anxiety could be related to the sexual performance or it could be due to certain other issues which might be occupying your mind.
  • Fear of erectile dysfunction: to be sure that they will achieve erection some people begin pushing too hard. This pattern sets in and later on the person is not able to come out of it.

Biological reasons:

  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Thyroid problems
  • Suffering from infection or disease of the reproductive system
  • Using drugs
  • Low levels of neurotransmitter serotonin
  • Diabetes or cardiovascular disease

How to cope with/ treat premature ejaculation?

If the reasons for suffering from premature ejaculation are the psychological ones then one should consider behavioral therapy. The psychologist might ask you to masturbate one or two hours prior to sexual intercourse or you could arouse your partner so that your orgasm timing is similar.

Some other methods are:

  • Start and stop method:   the man slows down when he is nearing climax. He could do this by taking the penis out or just concentrating on other thing. And when the moment passes by he could resume with the sexual activity.
  • Using condoms: condoms are believed to reduce the stimulation and thus help him to sustain for long.
  • Desensitizing lubricants: such lubricants are believed to contain mild anesthetic which numbs the skin of the penis temporarily.
  • Antidepressants: there are certain anti depressant medicines which could help men to delay the orgasm.
  • The squeeze: here the man’s partner has role to play. When the man is about to reach the climax, the partner would hold the penis tip and when the urge passes off again both of them resume their sexual activity.

So, with right advice and support from the partner the person could cope with the problem of premature ejaculation.