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What could be the possible reasons for women baldness?

Women experience hair fall and men suffer from baldness. This is what is a common perception. But no, even a woman could experience baldness. Though some may be doing it for the sake of getting a new look but the percentage is surely too low. It is very unusual to see a woman bald.

The reasons why could women experience baldness?

Heredity:  if it is in your genes, then there is no need for further explanation. If your grandmother or mother has faced the problem of unusual hair loss, your chances of experiencing the same gets doubled. Also those women who have a family history of thin or loose hair could complain of hair loss. The loose scalp hair tends to fall out more easily with even light combing or brushing.

Pregnancy: when you are pregnant the body undergoes quite a lot of changes. The hormones keep on changing. So it also shows up on the hair. You could experience thinning around this time. And after delivery you could experience unusual hair loss. This is because the hair which had gone in the resting phase is now shedding out for making space for new hairs to grow. This is a temporary problem which would go on its own. Actually the body would take time to get back into the pre pregnancy state. So there is nothing to be worried about if you experience hair thinning or hair loss during the pregnancy.

Dermatitis and other skin disorders: sometimes certain skin infection or allergy could also result in experiencing baldness. You could be suffering from dermatitis or other skin disorders and that is why you could experience hair loss. But if you start taking timely medical advice, you could stop this and hence put an end to the unhappy hair loss condition.

Thyroid disorder: in some women the thyroid gland might not be functioning properly. You might be suffering from either overactive or underactive thyroid production both of which could cause hair loss. Also getting treated for the thyroid disorders could result in baldness. If you are one such woman who is of the view that it is because of the medication, do talk to the doctor who might suggest you some alternate medicine to treat the thyroid gland.

Stress:  stress is always bad for the health. Stress could lead to various mental disorders. Like you could suffer from a condition called Telogen effluvium which causes a lot of hairs to go into the resting mode. And after some time these hairs would begin to fall out suddenly.

Women are very particular about their looks and hairs are undoubtedly a very important part of the overall personality. Hair fall could play a dampening effect on their self esteem. So it is better that you get it treated before it is too late.