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What Health benefits of ginger do we have in store?

It is covered with brown skin which could be thick or thin depending on when it was harvested. It has a pungent, spicy and aromatic taste to it. It is fibrous and tough and full of juice and oils. It is available throughout the year in the local market. Ginger is quite a favourite among Asians and Ayurveda has touted Ginger to be the virtual medicine chest. Ginger is liberally used in most food preparations in India and has a wide variety of health benefits to offer. Let us have a look at these health benefits of ginger:

Aids digestion

Ginger has high amounts of gingerol which is powerful component present in it. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and gives ginger the natural zingy flavour. Ginger is effective in providing the much needed relief in stomach ache, nausea, diarrhoea, morning sickness and travel sickness.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The gingerols present in ginger give it anti-inflammatory properties worth several mentions. These gingerols are effective agents against migraine pains and have been studied to be so. Also, there are studies suggesting the potential positive effect of ginger on patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. People suffering from these diseases have experienced considerable relief in their pain and mobility upon the regular intake of ginger in the food.

Protection against cancer

Studies suggest that the gingerols present in ginger have more properties than those mentioned above. It has been studied that these gingerols have cancer fighting properties which are potent against colorectal cancer. Also, certain studies have concluded that gingerols kill ovarian cancer cells by inducing apoptosis and autophagocytosis. These programmed cell death and self-digestion functions respectively are important in not only prevention of and protection against cancer but also destruction of cancer cells.

Boosts immune system

Ginger has an interesting way in boosting the immune system. Ginger promotes healthy sweating on cold days as well. This action of promoting sweats in chilly climes keeps one from developing cold-related infections and fevers. The sweats so produced have potent germ-fighting agents that help fight off infections.

Builds appetite

For those who do not feel hungry, ginger is here for your rescue. Eating fresh ginger before lunch or dinner can stoke a dull appetite and flare up the digestive juices necessary to lead upto a good appetite. Ginger also improves the absorption and assimilation of all the essential nutrients in the body thus keeping our digestive system properly regulated.

Relieves congestion

Nose and throat congestion are easily relieved by sipping a cup of freshly made ginger tea. This is ideally due to the gingerols and the warming benefits of ginger.

Due to its firm yet fibrous texture, ginger can be grated, diced or expressed into any food preparation. It can also be ground into a paste along with garlic and onion to make a more potent and digestion friendly preparation. Ginger is certainly the answer to our overall wellbeing!