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What health disorders does smoking cause?

The chemical content in tobacco products can reduce the level of oxygen to the heart and further trigger fatigue particularly during physical activity. There might perhaps be injurious to the cells in the arteries and also to the blood vessels over time contributing to a lot of sicknesses and disorders.

Heart disorder

Smoking triggers atherosclerosis which is nothing but toughening of the arteries. This health condition is a swelling of the fatty substances found in the arteries, says the American Association of Health and Care. Plaque and fat obstruct the flow of blood and creates tapering of the arteries. This results in severe heart disorders. The heart has to work tough and the extra pressure which comes with its results in chest pain or most commonly known as angina.

If in case one or more arteries turn out to be totally blocked then there is a big possibility of a severe heart attack. The more amounts of cigarette sticks you burn in a day and the more if you smoke then the chances are huge that the particular individual might put up with a heart disorder or undergo a heart attack or a stroke.

Lung disorders

The danger of getting pneumonia and other dreadful bronchitis in an individual increases due to smoking. These disorders are more or less referred to as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Such lung disorders could be ongoing and might even get worse with time until and unless that particular individual finally falls to death from his dreadful health condition of smoking. People as young as the age of 40 can even fall prey for bronchitis on the other hand the warning signs more or less turns out to be very worse ahead in life as per to the American Society Of Cancer.

Lung cancer has also been linked to smoking that is also seen showing its way to mouth cancer, deterioration of the vocal cord i.e. larynx, throat and even the esophagus. Not only this, the dreadful habit of smoking has even been connected to cancers of the bladder, pancreas, cervix and even kidney. This might even lead to few conditions related to leukemia as well.

Erectile dysfunction  

Smoking is one of the major risk factor for peripheral vascular disorders that further results in the tapering of the blood vessels that carry out blood to many different places in the body. The blood vessels to the male reproductive organ might perhaps get affected which at the end results in erectile dysfunction or male impotence.

Gum disorder

Apart from the type of cancers like mouth and throat, smoking raises the danger of gum disorders and at the same time causes tooth as well as breath problems. The healing process gets reduced which is because of the oxygen and this leads to gum disorder.