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What is ELISA Test and What Does It Detect?

ELISA is check which is generally done on the blood sample. This particular test can be utilized for a number of reasons. The test picks up the existence of possibly antigens or antibodies within the blood. Antigen is the proteins found in an ingredient in the body, like a bacteria or even piece of the protein. Antibody is a proteins formed through the body in reaction to an antigen. Particular antigens adhere to the particular antibodies that are made in reaction to all of them. Not all healthy proteins within the body trigger antibodies. The actual proteins which do are feasible candidates to have an ELISA test.

The physician might want to order ELISA test if they thinks an individual has a certain an infection, for example:

  1. HIV
  2. Lyme disease
  3. common cause of stomach ulcers
  4. Chlamydia
  5. rubella and toxoplasmosis
  6. mumps
  7. specific uncommon viruses which could result in severe brain bacterial infections

There are many bacterial infections which can be discovered by this technique as well. ELISA may also be used to help in detecting blood clots, allergic reactions, defense mechanisms illnesses, and other problems. The amount of issues being examined for along with ELISA grows every year.

The outcomes from the test are often either negative or positive. In some instances, the exam outcomes are unclear. In this environment, a replicate test or perhaps an entirely various test may be required to verify or even rule out the problem or an infection.

If the outcomes are positive, then the particular infection or situation being examined for might be present. For instance, a positive outcome may suggest that the person has got the HIV virus or an allergy. This outcome often depends upon why the exam was carried out in the first place. The doctor generally talks about the meaning from the outcomes.