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What is power yoga?

Yoga and that too power yoga is gaining grounds in our country. But then again, not many people know the difference between yoga and power yoga.

What is Power Yoga?

Many health specialists tell us that we can easily improvise performance in sports, attain a lean and flexible body, focused mind set and an ability to unlock our inner power with the help of this new science called as power yoga.

Many might ponder what is power yoga .Power yoga is nothing but a direct derivative of the Ashthanga Yoga. To put it more simply, most of the asana are done at a faster rate. It is considered as one of the must do method to stay hale as well as healthy. Many people might have known that this sort of technique of controlling the mind by meditation as well as yogic postures have been in practice from the ancient Vedic times. However as time passed by many of the yogic postures and even the trends of performing yoga had vanished .However one can never forget the way yogic variation has nowadays gained roots once again and many have started to learn to do power yoga which is done by the vinasya  style. Modernized world now understands the effects of this power yoga and after seeing the way yoga has imbibed great deal of strength/vigor people started researching what is power yoga.

The majority of the poses done by those who practice this kind of yoga require an ease/flexible body type. Even if they don’t have a flexible body, doing this form of yoga for a considerable number of times will help them gain that flexibility and strength. The performer him/her self must analyze his/her health condition before training in this yoga. Flushing out u unwanted toxins and synchronizing one’s mind along with the body are actually the initial benefits one would gain in by the power yoga. The effects of this yoga has been an improved flexibility of the muscle tone, established stamina, /immunity, fine clean internal system, energetic posture maintenance, reduction of negative thoughts, removal off the tension from the body. Most people are drawn to yoga, just for the fact that it helps them heal deep within and get over symptoms of depression and being low. It is also used as a tool to fight off weight loss and stay in shape by many.

Well don’t all the above uses of yoga sound pretty much you would love to have in your own life? Stronger immunity and effective weight loss are also the additional features of those who practice this kind of yoga. Many major cities and in countries worldwide we can see the power yoga classes with thousands of students/performers. Mainly the idea of practicing power yoga is to integrate the eight limbs. Movement through various postures defined as asana along with the deep breathing exercises triggers cleanse the body’s internal organs and also improve their functioning. In most cases, the toxins in the body may be completely flushed out. Most yoga instructors put the person through a regime that helps them improve their blood circulation, breathing pattern and the focus of the eyes to increase concentration. In the United States people have benefited a lot from power yoga w, finding relief from arthritis, asthma and depression. People who have done yoga have noticed the difference in a matter of few days. They have experienced the inner peace of mind which is found to have a great impact upon your emotional/mental well being!

This is one of the reasons that power yoga is being introduced in schools to help children fight obesity, concentrate better and deal with study related stress.