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What is the Best Way to Consume Apcalis

Though Apcalis is available in many forms, you can choose the best way to consume it. While most men think that the process of getting erectile dysfunction treated is simple – have the drug and begin action, there is a simple science behind taking the drug. Smart men follow this science and abide by it.

How should you consume Apcalis?

There are various ways that you can choose from to make Apcalis enter your system – The best way to consume this brilliant erectile dysfunction drug is to have it at least an hour before consummation though there are men who claim that it became effective within a few minutes of administration.  Please note you HAVE to go for foreplay and ensure that there is sexual stimulation in some form. Consuming Apcalis and expecting your male reproductive organ to become active on its own is not going to happen by it. Since Tadalafil powers Apcalis, this drug can have you pumping and active for the next 48 hours, without the need to take another dose. Please note that once the pill is consumed, you should wait for another 72 hours to repeat the dose in order to avoid any unhealthy reactions.

The safest dosage level is 20mg as recommended by doctors for most, though it may vary from person to person. One pill, jelly, or soft tablet of 20mg is to be taken 1 hour before sex whose effect can last up to 2 days at a stretch. The effects begin roughly after 45 minutes of intake. One must make sure of not having the same in dosage greater than 50mg unless recommended otherwise. Fatty food is to be avoided, as the fatty acids are harmful for Apcalis. In addition, any kinds of harmful addictions like alcohol and tobacco has to be averted. Alcohol weakens the nervous system and tobacco contains nicotine that spreads toxic materials which further weakens the body. All these bring down the sexual stamina to a considerable extent.

Apcalis has certain side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, head spinning, back pain, joint pain, swelling of muscles etc. However, these are mild effects and happen because of a sudden thrust to the system by the action of PDE5. They last for an hour or so! However, people suffering from pre-health disorders like blood pressure, bronchitis, cardio-vascular disorders etc. should be extra careful about the dosage level, as slight overdose can be very adverse for their health. One must be careful about purchasing authentic products available at genuine authorised outlets. Else, he might end up at buying fake products. The authentic logo of the manufacturing company and date of manufacturing has to be checked.

Overall, Apcalis will bring back the lost excitement in men to re-establish their masculinity. They will now be ready to turn on the woman like never before with full erection and the magic factor in each stroke. This will take the lovemaking to the paradise, making way for the ultimate sexual relationship. Therefore, the next time you want to treat erectile dysfunction, just think- Apcalis it is!