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Which is the best for cleansing – body wash, soap or a shower gel?

Whenever you go shopping for the cosmetics, you are bombarded with many products and you are left with no option but confused. If you thought choosing a cleanser would be easy think again. There are so many options in the cleansing category. You could buy a shower gel, a bar soap and also body wash. How do you make a buying decision? Going through each and every product detail or on the basis of the advertisement you watched on the television. You are nowhere near thinking about the skin type you have and what would suit you?

But before you zero down on any product it is also important to look how you take a bath. It is important that you always take a bath in lukewarm water and moisturize immediately after the bath. Moisturizing is necessary as most of the cleansers deprive the skin of the natural oils so this is a way to replenish them. So while buying a cleanser you could check for things like they are moisturizing.

Some people choose a cleanser which forms much lather. In fact if you have dry skin avoiding lather would work the best for you. So choose a non-soap cleanser. They would neither make the skin dry nor they would deprive the skin of essential oils. Also look for such cleansers which leave a film. The film could be understood as an oily layer which works as a barrier to lock in the body moisture and thus leave the skin feeling supple and soft. But if you are not okay with this idea, then follow the above disclosed mantra of moisturizing the skin as soon as you are done with bathing.

For an oily skin using the detergent based soaps or Lye soap would be a good idea as they remove all the oil. It is also good to use a beauty bar instead of regular bars as they contain some moisturizing oils. Oily skin has one plus. It could bear the harshness of almost all the soaps and body wash products but here are some tips which could benefit all skin types:

  • Take a bath in lukewarm water irrespective of the season
  • Use a moisturizer immediately after bathing
  • Do not apply two or three coats of cleanser- this would make your skin dry
  • A mild cleanser would work with all skin types
  • Do not ignore any signs of itching, dryness or flaking after taking bath.

These tips would be beneficial for all skin types. But there would be some people who would still be feeling the dryness and continue to feel uncomfortable. It is high time that you visit a skin expert and check out for the reason. You might be suffering from some serious health issue. So take action before it is too late.