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Whooping Cough Vaccination A Must For Expecting Women

It is seen that more or less 76 percent of the women which comes to around 23,000 cases have been reported early last year whereas when it comes to the latest news this year is called as the nation’s worst year for whooping cough since 1989. This is the only second time a vaccine has been highly suggested for women for the period or months of pregnancy.

A board advisory says that the vaccine is completely safe for expecting mothers which on the other hand even lends a hand in combating with other illnesses as well as antibodies that can transmit to the child in the womb in order to provide complete projection against whopping cough hitting women early in their life.

Whooping cough is an extremely grave disorder. Babies who get affected by this can put up with major complexities such as pneumonia and damage to the brain. A huge number of babies suffering from whooping cough require urgent medical care and if it reaches to the extreme then it might perhaps result in death as well.

Currently in the U.K there is a huge outburst where three or more times more such cases in the universal inhabitants as compared to what they were last year. In the initial seven to eight months of this year, 288 babies under 12 or 13 weeks old were suffering from whooping cough. This has been confirmed that few of these babies have lost their lives. Those who are vaccinated against this dreadful disorder until they are three months old can further risk their life at a big extent.

Women who are pregnant between 26 to 38 weeks must get this vaccination at a regular antenatal appointment. Getting vaccinated the time when you are pregnant can lend a hand to shield your baby from putting up with whooping cough in its initial weeks of life.

Few of the experts say that no such evidence is found yet that relates to huge risk to either pregnant mothers or the newborns. They even estimated the suggestion which could decrease whooping cough cases by 23 percent.