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Why Do You Need To Warm – Up Before a Workout?

warm-up-benefitsWorking out is a perfect way to get rid of those additional calories. But, it is also important that you follow the appropriate pattern of exercising to get the best results and also stay healthy. This includes starting with a session of warm up followed by the routine workout and ultimately completing with a session of cooling down. A warm up is an activity for short term before you start to workout.

The main idea behind warm up is to lower the risk of aches and injury that could occur because of exercising. It helps your circulatory system to transfer oxygen rich blood to your various functioning muscles. Circulation increases gradually because of this. A good warm up makes your body ready for difficult demands of exercise. The reason is, cold muscles don’t absorb force and are more accessible to injury.

Warm up is essential in order to make you ready physically and mentally for exercise. The amount of time taken by you for warm up depends on the activity that you intend to perform and your age. Warm ups can take five minutes for some people and for some people it might take upto 20 minutes. Warm up sessions can go for long for the events that are highly skilled.

Advantages of a warm up session

A warm up normally includes 3 parts. First part is the regular warm up and helps in rising your body’s temperature slightly, the second part includes rehearsal warm up that pays attention on skill and speed exercises. Ultimately a cool down is performed to break down the lactic acid that is accumulated. The usual benefits of warm up are as follows:

1. Active exercises reduce the stiffness of muscles

2. Lets your heart rate to reach a standard rate to start workout.

3. Increases the contraction of warmed up muscles and speed of relaxation

4. Helps you in mentally focused on physical training particularly when you are getting ready for a competition or an event.

5. It increases the rate of metabolism and increases the flow of blood through all the active tissues.

The most important advantage of warm up is that it helps in avoiding injuries. You should know that you shouldn’t work out in full force immediately you begin the exercise session. Muscles get stiff and cold before workout. This makes them more vulnerable to injuries. Muscles get warm and adaptable and so they get less pain during exercise. These workouts also help in increasing the temperature of your body by lubricating the joints in the body.

Full force or difficult exercises fills the body with stress hormones eventually which will harm your immune system. Just like your body, your mind also should be warmed up before working out. You get into the mood of working out when you perform warm up. In order to make your workout effective it is essential that you perform warm up for a while. Never avoid warm up before your workout session, make your body warm before you begin the actual work out.