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Why keep a track of the Menstrual Cycle?

What is your reaction or answer when your gynecologist asks about the first date of your last period? Do you have an instant answer ready or are you are one of the many women who keep guessing?

If you fall in the second category, you surely are not tracking your menstrual cycles regularly. Keeping a track of the monthly cycle is important not only when you want to conceive but for general well being as well.

Keep a record of your periods

Tracking the cycle means that you keep a record of when you are menstruating and what are the symptoms you experience. Many doctors emphasize on maintaining a regular planner and mark the first day of your period on the planner. This will help you as well as your doctor to diagnose the real cause of any problem you are suffering. You could know the length of the menstrual cycle and if the duration changes every time, you could take up the issue with the doctor.

How tracking the menstrual cycle helps your reproductive health?

It is very important for the woman who wants to conceive or who wants to avoid pregnancy to understand the rhythm of the cycle. Those women who have very regular cycles can find big help in the cycles as it is an effective tool for birth control. This method has been used since ages and it has proved effective to be most of the times.

One could find out the time when the woman is most fertile, i.e. the chances of getting pregnant are very high. Avoid sexual intimacy during this time in order to avoid pregnancy. The results are found to be very effective with a success percentage of 80 to 87%. However, it could fail if you do not keep a correct track of your menstrual cycle.

This method also does not work with women who have very irregular periods. As we already said that, the goal is to avoid probable pregnancy. Therefore, you could stay away from sexual intercourse with your partner many days before and after the ovulation. However, the doctors also stress that do not completely rely on this method alone. Use other birth control methods to avoid getting pregnant.

If you are trying to get pregnant and facing any difficulties, your doctor after knowing about your correct menstrual cycle could suggest you some medication or to bring any change in your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes might include giving up smoking, alcohol, taking too much fried and greasy food, and lack of physical activities.

You could get various tools to keep a track of your periods in the market. There are various online sources as well like my monthly cycles, or BabyCenter’s ovulation calendar. Thanks to the technology, there are many mobile applications also which will help you maintain the menstrual calendar.