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Women Can Seek Ultimate Pleasure with Ladygra

Ladygra is the FDA approved medicine made to tackle the infuriating sexual dysfunction in women.  These are scientifically formulated to provide immense sexual performance for women seeking ultimate pleasure. This medicament not only strengthens the orgasm, but also improves the probability of multiple orgasms.

Working of Ladygra:-

Sildenafil Citrate is the main active ingredient of this medicine. It works by increasing the vaginal compliance and improving the blood flow towards the genitals thereby resulting an intensified pleasure during copulation. This medicine takes about 45 minutes to work upon sexual stimulation.

Thus, it has to be taken an hour before getting into the intercourse. The effect of this amazing pill stays for five to six hours, making it possible for a woman to enjoy a satisfying lovemaking session with her partner. However, it should be taken on an empty stomach or after eating a low fat meal.

Benefits of Ladygra:-

Ladygra is meant to address the top concerns of women’s sexual health.  This includes the following:-

ü  Restores the lack of sexual drive and at the same time increases libido

ü  Enhances the excitement level during foreplay

ü  Smoothens the flow of blood and also enlarges the clitoris

ü  Exaggerates the sexual sensation

ü  Increases arousal and time for sexual climax

ü  Builds up more frequent interest for sexual performance

ü  Upturns the probability of multiple orgasm

ü  Strengthens orgasm

Side effects:

Like other medications, Ladygra also has certain side effects, which includes headache facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, headache and upset stomach. These side effects are usually mind and temporary thus, it the symptoms does not last for more than few hour. However, if it happens that the above given symptoms stays for longer time, then check with your concerning doctor immediately.

Warning Measures:-

ü  If you have any doubts regarding the prescription or the side effects associated with Ladygra, then consult your doctor for proper advice. By doing so, you would get to know whether this medicine is appropriate for you.

ü  Never exceed its standard dosage i.e. 100 mg in 24 hours. In the case of such overdose, seek for urgent medical attention.

ü  If you are under nitrate medication or suffering through any other health issues then taking Ladygra could be harmful for your health.

ü  Do not consume this medicine with alcohol, as this can slow down the expected effects of this medicine.

Ladygra is easily accessible from nearby medical stores or from online pharmacy sites. buying it through online stores are better alternative rather getting it through general medical shops internet market these days provide fantastic benefits. Purchasing it through online store is not only an convenient and reasonable option, but it will also save you from the annoying shyness of talking to the dealer face to face.