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Women Facing Sexual Issues in Their Life

As per to The Sexual Advice Association it is expected effect that around 45 percent of the women are affected by sexual problems and it later on turns out to be very common as women age with time. Dysfunction can take account of loss of sexual desire. Loss of excitement, issues with orgasm and some kind of pain at some stage during sexual intercourse.

In order to find out the reasons behind the sexual dysfunction, both physical and emotional aspects have to be kept in mind together with a woman’s bond with her spouse.

Loss of sexual desire in women

Lack of sexual drive on the other hand has its adverse effects on a few women at certain times of life which may be pregnancy or during the time when she feels stressful nevertheless few experience it at all times.

Lack of sexual drive can have an array of physical or may be mental reasons which includes diabetes, gloominess, relationship issues, hormone disorders, too much consumption of alcohol and drug abuse, exhaustion and traumatic sexual incidence.

Sexual drive can even fall if a woman’s usual testosterone levels go down. Testosterone is formed in the ovaries and adrenal glands this is where the levels drop down if these are detached or removed or they fail to function properly. If the case is more extreme in women then psychosexual therapy can lend a hand in overcoming orgasm issues in them. This involves asking her feelings about sexual intercourse and also about her relationship.

Orgasm issues

These are divided into two types i.e. primary which is when a woman never had an orgasm and the secondary is when a woman had an orgasm in the previous times but fail to do so now. A huge number of women do not need an orgasm only to take pleasure in their sexual act on the other hand the incapability to attain an orgasm could be an issue for few women as well as their partners.

Causes on why a woman cannot reach an orgasm can include constant worry or insufficient knowledge about sexual intercourse or being not able to let it go further, inadequate effective stimulation, issues in the relationship, suffering with mood disorders and other traumatic sexual know how. A thorough research has been done into few medical situations, which has its effect on the blood as well as on the nerve supply to the clitoris only to see whether these involve orgasm.


Pain in a sexual act which is even termed as dyspareunia is very common after the menopause as the levels of estrogen falls and the vagina becomes dry. The adverse effect of this could hamper a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse but you have several creams that can help.