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Women’s Guide To Tackle The Consequences Of Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence not only affects men’s sexual performance,but also has its impacts on marital relationships. Men with impotency experience anxiety, anger, depression and anguish when their sexual performance or libido reduces. This sexual concern when becomes an undertow, it  causes problems in relationships and gradually the couple winds up in divorce. In no time, the sexual pleasure becomes unimportant and many couples pretend that this sexual weakness couldn’t affect their bonding. However, these sexual ignorance and its very avoidance can be observed quite negative by the partner.

Although Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) is a man’s problem, but it is also a woman’s despair as there is much more lost than just the noticeable. As impotence is not something that can be discussed openly in a polite conversation, understanding the condition and learning the ways to tackle with its consequences is essential, both for men and their lovemaking partner or wife.

The term erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to reach and maintain penile erection during the entire lovemaking session. Almost every man sooner or later, at least once in their life come across this sexual issue. This condition may be due to depression stress  or because of undiscovered physical issues like higher cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes etc. Mostly, erectile dysfunction is a result of  receiving illegal drugs, excessive alcohol or cigarette smoking.

Thus, couples should understand that Erectile Dysfunction is not a man’s fault. However, there are some exceptions such as smoking and drinking which raises the chances of ED in men. Similarly, ED doesn’t have to do anything with a man’s lovemaking partner either.

A woman, while seeing the coldness and the lack of sexual pleasure coming from their partners may think that he is ill or is cheating on her or take the blame on herself claiming she is no longer attractive for her man to get aroused. Although it is common for a woman to feel she is undesirable or unappealing when a man has trouble achieving or sustaining an erectile while making out, but impotence has nothing to do with a man’s attraction for his partner. This can give rise to further troubles.

Eventually, the misunderstanding could make the worsen the situation escalating into actual conflict. The only way to deal with this condition is to break the silence.  A little more effort can do wonders, but make sure that the tactic isn’t aggravating the condition. So what should a woman do to help her man deal with impotence.

First of all, remember it’s not in you so don’t feel betrayed or rejected. Recognize the problem both physically and psychologically and discuss it with your partner openly. Be patient and calm, as this is the only way to gain his trust and drooped self- confidence.

Talk to an Andrologist as early as possible. Depending on the causes for erectile dysfunction, there are several treatments available these days. Viagra and its generic versions serves quick and effective help. However, do consult a doctor before heading towards any non-prescribed medicines.