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Wooing a Woman: Tips a Man Can Use

Would you like to turn a woman on? 12 % of ladies desire their guys be a master at DIY initiatives instead of being competent in bed, as outlined by a latest survey. Obviously, nearly all women would like more than simply some help at home. Therefore we asked Ladies to point out the traits that girls look for in a man. Below are a few top reactions we obtained.

  • A Smile on Her Face. She might not require you being totally amusing but ladies love men who is able to put a smile for their face. In a survey of a thousand ladies aged twenty one to fifty four, 77 % of women rated laughter as their number 1 must have in a guy, beating away intelligence, enthusiasm, confidence.
  • Cooking Skills. In case the man’s cooking abilities don’t win the woman’s heart, a minimum it may guide you both towards the bedroom. The poll with 1000 women discovered that 66 % of females stated they’re prone to have physical relations with a man following a home cooked meal
  • Tidy Up. An untidy home not only is a turn off, it also eliminates her need to love making. Actually, nearly 2/3rd ladies feel that a clean space is essential to setting the mood.
  • Slight Stubble. Scientists showed ladies 15 pictures of male faces; to show various levels of hairiness after which asked to rate every photo on distinct characteristics like maleness, charm, and maturation. Light stubble had been rated the best looking.
  • Wild Side. Lots of women think about dominant or even rough intercourse to be a turn-on. Exhibiting a few traits of aggression between the sheets can be hugely attractive.
  • The Scent of a Man. Based on research when ladies view a man use a scent, these quickly think about him as more appealing.