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Working of reproductive system in men

There are a various number of organs that are involved when it comes to giving birth to a whole new organism that will have sings of you! Your genes as well as your features and properties! These are the sperms and the semen of the male from the penis and the testes that when deposited in the female vagina can complete the coital sexual intercourse! The ovum that is fertilized by the male and female union in the female’s body is known as the foetus which when develops in to a child calling up on celebrations and wishes for a healthy baby in the home!

It is a fact revealed that whether the baby is a boy or a girl completely depends up on the male and not the female whereby the female plays the miraculous role of conceiving the baby from the womb!

Well if we have to look at the reproductive mechanism in males then it is necessary to have a close look and informed values about each and every organ that forms the mechanism or the system in the reproduction.

The male reproductive system mainly consists of the penis, testicles and other ancillary ducts and glands. The testicles are housed in a sac like structure called the scrotum. The function of the testes is to produce the male reproductive cells also known as sperm cells. These exit the male body through the penis. So we can conveniently say the penis is part of the delivery system, justifying its location. Sperm production occurs in the testes under the influence of the male hormone testosterone. Sperm cells are produced at temperatures lower than human body temperature and hence the scrotum retracts and contracts to bring the testicles either close to or away from the body to maintain temperature. The sperm cells are transported in fluid called semen. Sperms are stored in the testes.

When aroused from an external source, the penis fills with blood and becomes hard. This is nothing but an erection that is awaiting the penetration. This enables it to enter the vagina. This is called penetration. When thrust back and forth in the vagina during copulation it gets stimulated. Upon enough stimulation, a stage called orgasm is reached. During Orgasm, the semen containing the sperm cells is pumped out through the penis in spurts. Each spurt contains about 2-3ml of semen which in turn contains millions of sperm cells. This is called ejaculation. An ejaculation on average is 10cc of semen by volume.  The sperm cells which are now in the vagina make their way up to the uterus where the find the egg. All the millions of sperm try to force their way into the egg through its membrane. However it is only one sperm cell which is successful and enters the egg and fertilizes it into a foetus which is later the baby in the womb! This gives way to your child who is now playing in the toddler school and will grow up to be a part of the reproducing process too!

So much it takes in the reproductive system for a male to deliver the requisites in the female body! And all we term it as at the end of the day is “sex and pregnancy”