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Workout for stronger bones

A good intake of calcium and vitamin D is essential for stronger bones and teeth. Calcium helps build the structure of the bones and Vitamin D helps in better absorption of calcium in the body. When the amount of calcium and Vitamin D in the body decreases, the bones begin to weaken. Also as we age the bones begin to weaken and start becoming porous. This is the beginning of Osteoporosis. In both the scenarios, as the bones become porous, a person is more prone to falls, injuries and frequent fractures. This can be a tricky situation and one must be careful about such a situation ever arising.  Hence it is important to have strong and robust bones.

Here are some tips for workouts that make your bones stronger and more robust.

Weight training:

Weight training basically puts tremendous stress on the body. In the process, it strengthens the bones to prevent any further injuries. Weight training is also important to improve the bone density by about 1% per year. This weight training consists of weight bearing aerobic exercises along with muscle strengthening exercises. A healthy balance of the two in alternating cycles and days is important to see considerable improvements in the bone density and bone strength.

Some of the weight training exercises are as follows:

Bicep curls:

Extend the hands by the sides and place your feet at a hip-width distance from each other. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bring the elbows close to the shoulders and move them away from the shoulders. Continue this movement. This exercise will strengthen your biceps and thus build your bones in the upper arms.

Triceps extensions:

Place your feet at a hip-width distance of each other. Keep your hands raised near your head and place your upper arms close to your ears. With dumbbells in each hand, move the hands backwards. After this, straighten your elbows and hold your hands up with dumbbells placed in them. Continue this motion to help strengthen your triceps.

Dead lift:

Stand with your feet placed hip-width apart from each other. Bend your knees a little bit. Now, keep your back straight, abs contracted and bend slightly forward. Once the position is comfortable, bend forward a little further more. Then squeeze through the glutes and return to the standing position. This can be performed repeatedly. A more serious and strenuous ways to do this for better results of course is to hold the one dumbbell in each hand and keep your arms extended in front of your thighs. This can also be performed repeatedly. This exercise is perfect to help build both the biceps and the triceps and thus help build your bones stronger.

Standing hip abduction:

This is a very gentle exercise unlike the weight training. In this people need to lifts their legs and work the muscles around the hips. This makes the hip muscles and bones more robust and more flexible.

Resistance band step-outs:

The resistance bands are used as strength-building tools that also help in building flexibility. Bands prove to be beneficial to the bones as you are the one who is holding the contraction rather than lifting and lowering.

Such are the various simple and tough exercises that can help one build stronger bones.