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Your diet for healthy living: Good Nutrition

All of you have grown up reading and hearing, “You are what you eat”. And deep down you acknowledge it too. If you consume a diet full of minerals and vitamins, you would yourself feel healthy and on the contrary those people who largely depend on the junk foods are more likely to experience health issues. It is important to understand that there is a deep and long lasting relationship between the food you eat and your health.

Why do you eat? Just to fill your stomach or your body has a requirement of nutrients for healthy growth and development? The later is obviously the case. These nutrients are important and any negligence means that we have given an invitation to sickness. There is one little addition as to why we should eat healthy food. It is not only for health but you feel much better. And we all have heard that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

In the early classes we all have studied about the food pyramid, the importance of a balanced diet, the role of minerals, vitamins, proteins. But I think that we all have forgotten these important things and are instead getting attracted to the junk food and street food. What the researchers and doctors are of the view that today people have started treating food as simply playing a function to fuel the body with just enough by which it could continue to function.

Good diet- good health and Poor diet- poor health

The right diet is at the last when it comes to looking for the real cause of the health problem. People would prefer taking medicine but are not ready to give up the wrong food habits. The trans fats, LDL all are bad for your heart’ s health and when you consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and whole grain cereals you are more likely to enjoy a disease free living.

Some of you might not agree that even small deficiencies could result in major health issues. Women are the worst when it comes to taking a balanced diet. They mostly suffer from iron and calcium deficiency. They need to understand that once their reproductive years set in they require more iron to make up for what is lost every month.

Then the next biggest deficiency reported worldwide is the calcium. We all know that calcium is important for healthy bones. It is also worth mentioning that calcium is in abundance in milk and it is easily available. All we need to do is to drink two or at least one glass daily. If you do not like the taste of milk, you could club it with fruits to make fruit shakes, take them with oats, and make milk porridge. Deficiency of calcium could result in a serious health condition called osteoporosis.

So the crux is that it is important to eat a diet which is rich in all the essential nutrients. If you have any confusion you could talk to your doctor today and get a healthy diet chart ready. But make sure you follow it too and it does not become a mere piece of paper.