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Home Product Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

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Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate
Strength : 100 mg
Brand Name : Viagra
Delivery Time : 10 Days
Expiry Date : 11/10/2020
Shipping : Worldwide

Silagra is an amazing medicine for managing chronic erection issues in men. The classical indication of this conventional medicine is erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual issue characterized by the inability to obtain and sustain an erection. Like every synthetic medication, Silagra too contains an active therapeutic drug, which goes by the name of Sildenafil Citrate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Sildenafil Citrate after considering its effectiveness in treating ED. Actually, Silagra is the generic version of Viagra; therefore, there is no difference in their action mechanism and efficacy.

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Side Effects

Benefits of Silagra:

The effect of this medicine last for 4 to 6 hours which is long enough for an impotent man to perform at least a couple of lovemaking sessions. It is safe and easily available. Buy silagra online from online pharmacy as it saves money and the medication is also delivered to your doorstep.

It is a generic form of branded Viagra which has same effects as the branded drug; Silagra also contains the same chemical compound, but the price at least 60 to 70% cheaper as compared to the branded medication. It is known to offer the same effects as the branded Viagra.

It is known to boost the couple’s sexual life. It helps men regain their lost confidence and helps them perform in bed, after consuming silagra men have a higher self esteem as this medication not only provides a better hard on, but also helps men last longer in bed and achieve climax.

Customer’s Review :

Customer’s Review on Silagra:

Jason Neville, New York

Due to a busy lifestyle I suffered from erectile dysfunction pretty easily life. It was silagra that came to my rescue and helped me save my relationship. I consume this on regular basis, it is safe and affordable.

Matt Thomson, Ohio

Branded medications actually a burned a huge hole in my pocket. Silagra works exactly the same way as the branded drug and at the end it helps you save a lot of money.

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Benefits of Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

  • With the help of Silagra, men can definitely achieve harder erection
  • Men can perform satisfactory sexual intercourse for desirable amount of time
  • They can lead a more happy and healthy life
  • Being a generic medication, it is very cheap than its branded counterpart
  • The effect is experienced within few minutes and lasts long for around six hours     

Working of Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

Typically, erection is a process when a man’s penile organ becomes sensitive and receives adequate amount of blood to get erect. This process occurs when he undergoes sexual stimulation. While in ED, the blood flow to the penile organ is greatly hampered due to vasoconstriction or narrowing of blood vessels. Hence, it is essential to increase the blood flow in the sexual tool to promote an erection process.

Silagra, with the help of its active component Sildenafil Citrate, increases the blood flow by dilating the vital arteries of erectile tissues. It does so by reducing a specific enzyme known as phosphodiesterase type five (PDE5). When this enzyme is reduced, the body automatically experiences enhancement in Nitric Oxide and cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate, the chemicals responsible for elevating blood flow in the erectile tissues. This is how Silagra works in helping men attain an erection that sustains for a longer period of time.

Dosage of Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

The dosage part of Silagra is very crucial, as it often depends on the person’s age and response. For example, a 50 mg dose is enough for older men, while middle-aged men require 100 mg Silagra. Therefore, to know about the dosage and directions, ask the healthcare practitioner, who can explain you appropriately.  


How and when to use?

  • Use Silagra after having a word with the medical professional for proper directions
  • Take the pill approximately 60 minutes before planning to have sexual activity
  • Consume the pill by mouth with a glass full of water
  • Do not break or crush the tablet before consumption, as doing so may reduce the drug efficacy
  • Avoid alcohol and fatty meal during dosage for proper assimilation 

What happens if you skip the dose?

Silagra is a kind of medicine that is to be taken only when it is needed. That means, one should take this medicine whenever there is an urge to perform sexual intercourse. But it is highly imperative to take only one dose in a time span of 24 hours.


What to do in case of overdose?

Any medicinal drug overdose can produce unwanted symptoms and Silagra is no exception. Self-abuse and overdose with this generic medication are strictly prohibited, because they can lead to severe medical complications. If one is subjected to overdose, immediately call the doctor for emergency medical assistance.  


Where to store this medicine?

When it comes to storing Silagra, one should be very careful. It should be stored away from children and women, because it is not meant for them. Plus, this generic medicine is ought to kept in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and heat.

What are the safety measures?

  • Before using Silagra, inform following health issues (if any)
    • Medicinal allergies
    • Past or present medical illnesses
    • Undergoing treatment with prescription or OTC drugs and herbal supplements
  • While using Silagra, do not indulge in risky activities like driving or riding, because mild dizziness is pretty common after consuming the pill
  • Grapefruits and alcohol are strictly prohibited during dosage      

Side Effects of Silagra 100mg to Treat Male Sexual Issues

  • Nausea
  • Blurry vision
  • Headache
  • Hot flashes
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain
  • Skin rashes

These are few potential side effects of Silagra, which may or may not occur after taking the dose. If these unwanted symptoms trouble you, immediately stop the sexual activity and call the doctor right away for medical intervention.

What are the contraindications?

In few unfortunate patients, therapeutic drugs are contraindicated, including Silagra. That’s because such patients suffer from prolonged illnesses like,

  • End stage kidney or liver disease
  • Severe heart complaints
  • Brain disorders
  • Penile deformities
  • Chronic medical history of hypertension
  • Past history of convulsions and stroke    

Other drugs that interact with Silagra –

Silagra may interact with other drugs haphazardly, such as nitrates, antidepressants, antihypertensive agents, seizure medications, higher antibiotics and antivirals. Hence, it is highly recommended to inform healthcare practitioner about the undergoing treatment before using this generic ED drug.