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What is the best way to place an order?

Find the item you want to purchase, register to our site, and make the required transaction. By doing this you will be in a position to place an effective order.

How to know the whereabouts of my order?

Anytime, you can get in touch with our customer care to have the details about the tracking number of your package. Our customer care executive will give you the proper specifics of using the tracking number.

How to get my order cancelled?

Cancellations of your order should be done by getting in touch with our customer care team through e-mail or our toll free number inside twenty four hours of putting the order. Following 24 hours no cancellation demands will be taken into account.

What about the quality of your drugs?

We guarantee the medications offered by us as we market only those medications whose chemicals have been authorized by the FDA. We market only those items that are made with standard.

What exactly are these generic medicines?

Generic medicine is a duplication or reproduction of the top quality drugs. These have the exact same active component in precisely the same chemical structure. The only distinction between these drugs to the labeled ones is associated with price as well as color. The buying price of generic edition of the prescription medication is more affordable compared to the top quality drugs.

What are the acceptable Payment methods?

Visa Card, e-check, and wire transfer are three modes by which we transact.

Would it be secure to provide my personal bank details to you?

We guarantee that not one of your individual details will land up with a third party and we also make use of the latest technology. This doesn’t allow any kind of online scams to take place as well as protects your crucial private information.

Are there hidden charges?

No, there are absolutely no hidden charges if you purchase from us.

What is your policy in sales tax?

We don’t cut sales tax to the customer as they purchase the medication through us.

When, where and how will my order be delivered? What if I am not physically present to take the order?

All these information are elaborated and can be found in our shipping policy. It includes details on late delivery, delivery of damaged items or wrong order.

Where can I find your refund / reship / return policy?

We have dedicated an entire segment where you can read about our refund / reship / return policy.

Are there any trouble purchasing drugs through online pharmacy?

You won’t face any problem from the customs, for more details you can check out the website for custom laws in your country. Only if a particular drug is banned in your country will you face legal issues, however these kinds of cases occur seldom. Therefore, we suggest you to seek advice from the physician prior to ordering any kind of medication. If your doctor prescribes a particular medication to you then you have a right to purchase the drugs from the online drugstore.

Do you need a doctor’s prescription before you ship my order?

A few medications need prescription. Look for the local doctor’s guidance ahead of purchasing prescription medications from online pharmacies. Email or fax us the prescription with the purchase number as well as your name and we shall respond for purchase verification.