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Tadalis 20mg Treats Erectile Dysfunction for Long

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Benefits of Tadalis

It is a very strong erectile dysfunction treating medicine. Its effects last for a very long time and is often called the weekend drug. Tadalis provides the ED affected male a timely erection and hence will give him and his partner sexual gratification. It is a perfect solution to treat ED for longer time duration.

This medicine although very strong, is available at a very cheap rate. It can be bought in bulk by the common man and can still save a lot of money. Tadalis is available in various online pharmacies that offer discounts and free pills on regular orders. It is secure to buy these products online and safe to use by men affected by erectile dysfunction.

This pill is available in over the counter drug stores as well, but internet pharmacies offer better bargains on bulk products. A tablet of it is enough for one and a half day to get you going and is a very strong dose of ED treating medicine. Its effect can be felt as soon as you consume a proper strength Tadalis tablet.

Working of Tadalis

It starts working within 30 minutes of drug consumption. The dissolution of tadalis in the blood stream is followed by a simple action mechanism. The active component Tadalafil increases the deposit of nitric oxide in the penile region which leads to the relaxation of the arteries and the veins in the male reproductive system that help retain the blood in the male reproductive organ.

The drug also nullifies the activities of an enzyme called PDE-5 which is responsible for diminished supply of blood to the penile area. Simultaneously, Tadalis also induces the increased production of another enzyme called cGMP which facilitates the increased flow of blood to the male reproductive organ.

Such increases in the blood flow to the penile region, results in increased stiffness of the male reproductive organ thereby facilitating prolonged penile stiffness and increased lovemaking activity. It takes around 24 to 36 hours for the components of the drug to eject through perspiration or urination from the body and hence Tadalis has such prolonged effects.

Dosage of Tadalis

The recommended dosage is one 20 mg Tadalis pill per day as it is a very strong pill. Any increase in dosage has to be recommended by a doctor who will analyze your body condition to make his prognosis. Increasing dosage by your own can lead to elevated side effects and you may not get the desired effects as well.

The drug should be consumed 30 to forty minutes before making love for optimum results. There should be a gap of at least 30 hours between two doses of Tadalis. Before consuming the tablet the man needs to be intimately aroused and should do so preferably on an empty stomach; and steer clear of alcohol.

Men who have kidney or liver abnormalities should take a dose of 10 mg per day, that too after consulting their doctor. Those chronically on nitrate drugs should be very cautious about the usage of Tadalis. Also since it hampers the vision for some time after its consumption, those with vision issues need to consult their doctor first.

Side Effects of Tadalis

Like all other medicines even this pill is accompanied with a few minor side effects that last for a short time. It ebbs away after a short while. The long term side effects are felt by people who neglect the guidelines while taking Tadalis.

Some of the side effects of tadalis witnessed are blurred vision, vomiting and nausea, body ache, stomach pain and indigestion, diarrhea, headache, color blindness. Long term side effects include Priapism, fainting, tremors, and stroke and sometimes the person may even fall into coma.

The side effects diminish with time. If they persist, deteriorate or if the penile erections stay beyond the prescribed limits, consult a doctor. All these side effects of tadalis are temporary and in case they prolong contact a nearest physician immediately.

Precautions While taking Tadalis

Men who are allergic to Tadalafil or other phosphodiesterase inhibitors should avoid taking the drug. Tadalis should never be taken in combination with grape fruit or juice as it can lead to extreme health complications.

Intake of the drug may cause dizziness and hence one should refrain from driving or operating machinery after its consumption. Men with diabetes and high blood sugar should avoid taking the drug and should consult a doctor before Tadalis consumption.

Consumption of alcohol with drug intake should be avoided as it leads to delayed effects. Older men are strongly recommended to consult a doctor before drug use. Habitual or excessive intake of tadalis can lead to addiction and other health complications and hence should be avoided.