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Super P Force - Dual Action Pill to Treat Ed and PE

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Benefits of Super P Force

It is really beneficial to men who have both the sexual disabilities of premature climaxing and erectile dysfunction. Men now do not need to take 2 tablets of super p force for these 2 causes and can rely on just one drug. This reduces the hassles of forgetting pill, and also the collective cost decreases.

Both the active elements in it blends correctly and also works perfectly in the male body without and issues of countering each other’s actions. First the Sildenafil treats ED and then dapoxetine works to counter the male premature climaxing condition. If you suffer from both then super P force provides you with the right answer.

It has gained popularity as it is first of its kind medicine that treats both the male sexual issues together. Also it reacts faster than the other drugs that are used for singular purposes. It is hence advisable to order this single medicine of super P force to treat both your erectile and climaxing woes.

Working of Super P Force

Super P force is used only by those who are troubled by both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and are treated by the presence of Sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine respectively. This dynamic combo of the elements aids men in having an enjoyable copulation session with their companion. Let us see how these elements work inside the male body that suffers from the impotency issues.

Up on ingestion the Sildenafil citrate in the super P force first dissolves in the blood and the Sildenafil acts to treat the ED issue first. It blocks the enzyme from inhibiting blood to the male reproductive organ thereby enriching the penile area with the much needed blood that then leads to an erect reproductive organ which takes part throughout in copulation.

After this the dapoxetine in which is an antidepressant increases the presence of blood and relaxes the tissues in the penile area. Research has showed that anti depressants has a substantial effect on the climax time of an individual. Dapoxetine in super p force hence is able to handle the issue of premature climaxing in the best possible manner.

Dosage of Super P Force

This medicine has Sildenafil in the strength of 100mg and dapoxetine in the strength of 60mg. There are also varied strengths of super P force available and only your doctor will be able to advice you on your exact dosage. Hence before taking this pill get in touch with the doctor who is aware of your medical condition and get advised on the usage details.

In case the advised dosage does not have any effect on you contact your doctor for his professional advice. Never increase the dosage of this on your own as it may lead to unwanted effects and hinder the quality effect of super p force. Feel free to contact your doctor about any dosage related queries on this drug as even a small alteration in the dosage can lead to an increase in side effects.

Super P force should be ideally taken in on an empty stomach, even though light meals are permissible. However, heavy meals rich in fatty substances need to be avoided as they will reduce the effect of the medicine.

Side Effects of Super P Force

It comes with these short term side effects and they are: headache, stomach pain, back ache, loose motions, double vision, etc. The good thing about these side effects of super p force is they are short lived and exist till the time the male retains the chemicals in his body. It gradually fades away.

The more serious side effects of super P force are: rapid heartbeats, tremors and shivering, stroke, coma etc. These needs to be dealt with very seriously and a doctor should be contacted in case you feel any of the above mentioned serious side effects.

One can avoid the side effects of this medication if they stick to their doctor’s dosage and follow the intake method correctly. Even if the side effects are felt by men, they have reported that with regular use of super P force the side effects are seldom felt by them.

Precautions While Taking Super P Force

Intake of this medicine in combination with nitrate containing drugs should be avoided as it can lead to heart attacks, coma and other health complications. Let your doctor know about the medications you are currently taking and ask if super P force can coexist with it in your body.

Women and children are prohibited from consuming the drug as it is not meant for them. Teenagers and adults looking for fun pills must not try super P force as it will only result in its negative effects.

Excessive or habitual intake of it should be avoided as it can lead to addiction and other health hazards. Taking super p force with alcohol is also not advised as it can result in late effects as well as aggravated side effects.