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Generic Priligy treats 2 Ailments At Once

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Benefits of Generic Priligy

This is a tablet form of medicine that is used by oral means to treat both erectile dysfunction and premature climaxing. It is only for men who suffer from both forms of male impotency and who till now had to take separate medicines to treat their conditions. Generic Priligy makes use of two strong chemical which guarantees to cure their impotency issues.

It is a generic version of the brand Priligy that is also used to treat both the sexual dysfunctions. However generic Priligy is much more affordable than that of the brand version. In case you choose to order online then you can expect discounts and complimentary pills that will help you save a lot of money.

This pill has been a boon for lot of men as now they do not need to take 2 pills to treat their impotency issues, but just a single pill that will treat them of their 2 ailments. And for this reason its popularity is on the rise. Before usage read the dosage details and all other dos and don’ts associated with generic Priligy.

Working of Generic Priligy

Take this medicine with a glass of water just before copulation. Generic priligy first goes ahead with treating erectile dysfunction. This is accomplished with the help of Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is present in an amount of 100mg and after dissolving in the blood blocks the action of the enzyme called PDE 5 resulting in ample blood flow into the male reproductive organ. This gives it enough sturdiness to the male organ to enjoy coitus.

The dapoxetine in generic priligy is of 60mg in strength and is an anti depressant. This enhances the chemical serotonin in the body thereby relaxing it and delaying premature climaxing. The dapoxetine remains in the male body for a period of 2 hours and later on is flushed out. Dapoxetine is one of the rare chemicals that can treat the male problem of premature climaxing.

Generic Priligy works exactly like brand Priligy as it is a structural replica of the brand drug. The 2 active ingredients in the pill gel together very well and hence give satisfactory results. The side effects are also very minimal from these two chemicals.

Dosage of Generic Priligy

It is a need based orally administered drug that should be taken at least 30 to 40 minutes before the love making act begins. Generic Priligy is available in dosage strengths of 30mg and 60 mg and is blue in color. This drug will stay effective in the body for up to 3 hours and only one pill a day is recommended by doctors.

Because of its side effects and addictive nature doctors suggest limiting the usage of generic Priligy to 1 pill per day. Over dosage must be reported immediately to avert any serious effects on the body. The correct dosage amount must be taken from the doctor before the initial dose.

After taking generic Priligy the effect on the male organ may be felt in as less as 20 minutes and the person might be able to copulate freely and till the tile he wants, without climaxing too soon.

Side Effects of Generic Priligy

It is an effective pill but is associated with a few side effects that are short lived and should not be a deterrent in buying the pill to treat the impotency issues. The side effects of generic priligy are commonly seen in men taking it and do not pose any serious threat to overall well being.

Some of these side effects of this medicine are throbbing headaches, feeling of drowsiness and fainting, vomiting and nausea (usually together), bowel and stomach issues etc. These conditions are manageable and vanish altogether with regular usage.

The best way to counter these side effects is to drink a lot of water and follow the intake procedure correctly so that the chemicals get circulated in the body. Severe side effects of generic priligy are to be reported to the physician as soon as possible.

Precautions While taking Generic Priligy

This medication if taken, keeping in mind its precautions will lead to a satisfactory love session. It is not to be consumed with alcohol and grape juices as the effect will be diminished. Also heavy fatty meals should be shunned right before the usage of Generic Priligy. It is best taken on an empty stomach with water.

It is a need based drug and has addictive properties. Hence it should not be taken regularly and not more than 1 in a day. It is not a recreational pill and should not be taken by otherwise healthy men as it will have no effect on them. Also women and children should not consider taking Generic Priligy.

Those who have any other medical condition or are on medicines should report beforehand to their doctor. Nitrate drug usage should definitely be reported.