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Home Product Super P Force – Dual Action Pill to Treat Ed and PE

Super P Force – Dual Action Pill to Treat Ed and PE

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Generic Name : Sildenafil
Strength : 100mg
Brand Name : Viagra
Delivery Time : 10 Days
Expiry Date : 30/06/2021
Shipping : Worldwide

Super P Force – Dual Action Pill to Treat Ed and PE

This is a generic medicine that can aid men in treating both their erectile worries as well as premature climaxing woes. It is a generic variant of the Viagra Priligy. The 2 ailments that previously required 2 drugs for treating them can now be tackled by a single pill of super P force. It is similar to other Ed treating drugs and needs be taken only by the men who are affected by both the sexual disorders. The average dosage strength is a 100mg pill of super P force. It is intended for usage by only those who are actually suffering from both erectile dysfunction and premature climaxing.

This drug is capable of treating them both due to the action of its 2 main active components. The super p force blends in both Sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine in the right ratio so that they both gel together and work towards alleviating the male impotency problems. Previously men who suffered from both erectile dysfunction and premature climaxing had to rely on the 2 different pills to get their ailments treated. But with super p force the hassles have been reduced as the person needs to take only 1 pill and get rid of both the ailments.

The ingredients of Super P force works one at a time in the male body. First the Sildenafil citrate works towards regulating the erectile problems and then the dapoxetine controls early climaxing. These two actions do make it a super penile drug imparting force to your male reproductive organ. The affected male just needs to turn sexually active and then swallow super p force with water and see the result within 15 to 30 minutes of its assimilation in the body.

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Benefits of Super P Force:

It is really beneficial to men who have both the sexual disabilities of premature climaxing and erectile dysfunction. Men now do not need to take 2 tablets of super p force for these 2 causes and can rely on just one drug. This reduces the hassles of forgetting pill, and also the collective cost decreases.

Both the active elements in it blends correctly and also works perfectly in the male body without and issues of countering each other’s actions. First the Sildenafil treats ED and then dapoxetine works to counter the male premature climaxing condition. If you suffer from both then super P force provides you with the right answer.

It has gained popularity as it is first of its kind medicine that treats both the male sexual issues together. Also it reacts faster than the other drugs that are used for singular purposes. It is hence advisable to order this single medicine of super P force to treat both your erectile and climaxing woes.

Customer’s Review :

Customer’s Review on Super P Force:

Jason Voight, Pittsburgh

I was really worried about my erection problems, and as I aged I started climaxing pretty early too. A friend suggested me Super P Force and after my doctor backed it, I am a satisfied man now.

Nywah Lee Scott, Delaware

For me and my hubby super P force has given a new lease of life to our marriage and we now do sex at least 3 times a week.

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