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Weight Loss and Meditation can be linked

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Mar 17th, 2013, AT 9:53 PM
You may think how people who may eat healthily and still spend time outside doing the same things you do are relatively slimmer. What can be the magic mantra behind this? Perhaps you may think their genetic build up is so that they can remain thin. But this may not always be the real factor to it. They may be ... Readmore
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Stress could affect men’s health adversely

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Mar 1st, 2013, AT 2:45 AM
The stress and the tension levels are increasing day by day in everybody’s life. Men are at the risk for developing heart disease, back pain, headaches, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, migraine etc. also the entire immune system starts to weaken. If men are experiencing higher stress levels they would also experience symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia. Adding to the ... Readmore
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Relationship between stress and immune system

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Jan 7th, 2013, AT 10:50 PM
What is immunity? It is the ability to fight with the virus and bacteria which invade our body. If a person’s immune system is strong then she/he is able to fight with these invaders easily. But, if she/he is having a weak immune, then they have a chance of falling sick very often. So, this means that we should have ... Readmore
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Control Stress to Gain Control over your Life

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Sep 24th, 2012, AT 11:30 PM
In your constant quest to cope with tension at our workplace, we try to do various things, such as going on a holiday or deep breathing. Controlling your body and mind is the initial step towards residing a stress-free life. There are various corporate who think that lower stress levels indicate higher efficiency and better results. However, this isn't the fact; ... Readmore
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Meditate to Solemnize with Harmony

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Aug 3rd, 2012, AT 5:30 PM
To achieve a perfect health, one has to stay mentally relaxed, steady, as well as emotionally steady. The best way to do that is to provide more existence force or even chi power into your physique. Chi power is awareness energy this flows all through nature also it represents the breath associated with god. It will help you feel much ... Readmore
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How a Workaholic should Handle Stress

POSTED BY Burton Helmers ON Jul 21st, 2012, AT 5:30 PM
All workaholics have one thing in common, i.e. the stress levels will definitely match for every workaholic. The workload only adds to stress levels thus bringing down the productivity. The amplification of the workload cannot be handled by every individual thus leading to anxiety. It is a very common fact that if any human wants to perform productively, he/she must ... Readmore
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